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Our company has been manufacturing and selling seed cleaning machines since 1991!

The design and development, the outside design, the technical and technological solutions are all the results of the engineer JÁNOS BERÉNYI‘s work.

In the area of seed treatment we have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge over the years and we use them for the continuous improvement of our products.

With the further development and modernization of our highly successful previous models of KR-01 and KR-UNI, we now manufacture the S-800 and S-800 INOX furthermore the newest S-800-SPECIAL and S-800-SPECIAL-INOX Seed cleaning machines.

In 2016 a new trademark has been released, which will be found on all our seed cleaning machines.

With the seed cleaners developed and produced by us our goal is:

  • to make them suitable for a continuous performance of wide range of cleaning tasks
  • to make them operate for the longest possible time at a lowest cost
  • to keep its value stable as long as possible
  • to make them operate with hardly any maintenance

Some pictures from the past

KR-01 1991
KR-01 2003
KR-UNI 2012
S-800 & S-800-INOX 2016

We are proud of those farmers who have been using our machines for years, for decades. We hope we can soon welcome you among the owners of seed cleaner machines manufactured by us!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The team of Crystal Mezőtúr Kft.

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