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Our newest S-800-SPECIAL-INOX Seed cleaning machine is designed to be perfect not only for cleaning traditional cereals and seeds but for: special, small, light seeds, flower seeds, grass seeds, vegetable seeds, spice seeds. It is also suitable for classifying and separating the followings from dust and smaller or larger plant leaves: aromatic herbs (e.g. oregano, thyme, etc.), herbs (e.g. lavender, chamomile, etc.) and inflorescence and foliage of tea shrubs.

The S-800-SPECIAL-INOX Seed cleaning machine is manufactured using stainless steel according to food hygiene requirements: primarily we recommend for those farmers who are working in the field of food raw material production and processing, also for organic producers and manufacturers engaged in food production. We use certified stainless steel raw materials during production to guarantee the high quality and reliability expected of the cleaned product.
The material to be cleaned contacts only the stainless steel surface during the cleaning process thus it is all in compliance with the food regulations.

Designed for reliability and efficiency

Our S-800-SPECIAL-INOX has two motors and two frequency inverters, which provide advanced settings:

You can do stepless adjustment with:

  • the airflow power 0-100%
  • the speed of movement of the sieve-cabinet
  • the angle of the top and middle sieves

As a result, you have the opportunity to apply absolutely special, most efficient and optimal settings for the materials to be cleaned.

Additional features:

  • It can be operated with more than 50 different sizes of perforated inox sieves (round holes and oblong holes) for professional cleaning results
  • All machines can go on the market only after a particular quality control ensuring high quality and long life
  • Extremely low power consumption, can be operated without downtime
  • Simple, transparent and easy interior cleaning and status checking
  • The sieves are quick, easy to replace
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Its cleaning performance with wheat is 1000-1600kg per hour!
  • CE classification

Millet cleaning

Mustard seed cleaning


Weight:  140 kg
1 motor: 230V, 0,25 KW
2 motor: 230V, 0,37 KW
Dimensions (length x width x height): 2160x1000x1530 mm

The seed cleaning machine is powered and controlled by a separate electric switch cabinet that can be suitably placed next to the machine for convenient handling. In the switch cabinet there are two frequency inverters that can help to control the speed of the two drive motors independently, thereby we can do stepless adjustment with the airflow power and the speed of the sieve-case.

Combination of sturdy, welded steel frame with powder paint and laminated birch.
The birch plywood:
– is moisture and insect resistant
– makes the machine long lasting as the laminated birch tolerates the vibration of the sieves, it has low resonance and thus provide a better working environment.

Made of stainless steel (inox): The hopper of the machine and the cabinet of sieve with the sieves are all made of stainless steel (inox). The lower-inner part of the machine is covered with inox plate and the clean seeds are leaving the machine through the inox plate outlet thus ensuring that the cleaning process is in compliance with the requirements of food production.

Its driving mechanism:
It provides simple, stress-free performance for a seed cleaner machine and the steel carcase.
It is mounted with heavy duty bearings.

How it works?

Ventilator’s fan:
It works efficiently at low noise levels. The airflow power can be controlled from 0 to 100% by means of a drive motor with a frequency inverter. It provides a full airing of the seeds to be cleaned. It removes the dust, husks, light seeds and other light-density materials. Provides excellent efficiency for cleaning all types of seeds, inflorescences and foliage.

Cleaner’s operations: 
The machine cleans and classifies the seeds according to weight and size. Due to its precisely tuned stroke and engine speed the cleaning effect of the sieves is maximally ensured. Among the three sieves in the cabinet of sieve, the top and middle sieves between stepless tilting 0-10 grades, the lower one can be adjusted in 3 grades.The replacement of the sieves can be done quickly and easily within a short time. The S-800-INOX Seed cleaning machine is equipped with 3 pieces of inox sieves ready to operate.

Perforated inox sieves you can choose for the S-800-SPECIAL-INOX Seed cleaning machine

Rv – round holes of the sieve
Diameter of the round holes Ø (mm): 1,5   2,0   2,5   3,0   3,5   4,0   4,5   5,0   5,5   6,0   6,5   7,0   7,5   8,0   8,5   9,0   10,0   11,0   12,0   13,0   14,0   16,0   17,0   18,0

Lv – oblong holes of the sieve
Size of the slots width/length ≠ (mm): 1,0 x 20   1,2 x 20   1,4 x 20   1,5 x 20   1,8 x 20   2,0 x 20  2,2 x 20   2,4 x 20   2,5 x 20   2,8 x 20   3,0 x 20   3,2 x 20   3,5 x 20   3,8 x 20   4,0 x 20   4,5 x 20   5,0 x 20   6,0 x 20   7,0 x 20   8,0 x 20

For cleaning small seeds we can provide sieves with holes under 1mm equipped with stainless steel (inox) wire cloth from 0,4mm hole-size.

At your request we provide assistance to choose the right sieves for the seeds you want to clean!

Accessories you can order for the S-800-SPECIAL-INOX Seed cleaning machine


Side outlet cover

First seed outlet cover

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